Sinful Sunday – some dirty hotel snaps.
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Sinful Sunday

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26 Responses to CitizenM

  1. Molly says:

    Welcome to Sinful Sunday! Lovely to have to joining in and these photographs are really exceptional. I really LOVE the second one. Your bottom looks beautiful and I love the way your hair falls down your back and how the curve of your hip is outlined in the light on the window. Brilliant capture.


  2. okspaceboy says:

    Beautiful shots. It’s always a pleasure to see you, no matter how briefly!

  3. Both shots are exquisite, but the second is my favourite. Just beautiful.

    Flip x

  4. That middle image is AMAZING. Love the reflection and the back side. Welcome!!

  5. Beautiful photos! Like Molly and Flip, I like the second one, but my favorite definitely is the third one. Your body, your legs, the stockings and the shoes… a lovely combination!
    Rebel xox

  6. What a stunning set of photos. Leaves one sated, yet wanting more…

  7. Gorgeous photos, they are all superb but for me the third has it. Super long stockinged legs with sexy red shoes on the end!! Mmmmmm

    ~Mia~ xx

  8. kazigrrl says:

    Welcome!! lovely photos, great capture against a challenging background 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  9. O says:

    Mmm, love these pics. I find being in a hotel makes me very horny too. If I had to pick, I’d say pic 1 is my fave x

  10. All three are beautiful, sensual shots. The angle of the first, your hair – and your ass – in the second, and as for the third – that pose. Utterly delightful. The heels and the stockings together have us quite aroused.

  11. JillianBoyd says:

    They`re all gorgeous shots, but that third one just blows me away! Welcome to Sinful Sunday!


  12. wonders6 says:

    Love these. Personally, the second one’s my favourite but they’re all stunning and you have a figure to die for.

  13. Hello, and wow! Everyone seems to have different favourites with the photos, and I’m no different – they’re all gorgeous, but I love the first the best.

    xx Dee

  14. janaspanties says:

    Oh the CitizenM… the title and your photos brought back some very delicious and very dirty memories for me. I have to admit though, I don’t imagine I looked remotely as gorgeous as you do in these photos. Especially the second one is stunning!!

  15. A Couple of Wankers says:

    I love these photos, they make a really well-constructed series. My personal favourite has to be the second one though, mostly for the pose I think.


  16. kjoy1019 says:

    Stunning, sexy, gorgeous, hot. Love them!

  17. its been said so many times before me but the pictures are great, artistic and erotic. Lover them!

  18. Blacksilk says:

    A series of fantastic shots! Artistic, sexy and a lovely mix of classy and sleazy, which is something I really love about hotel/motel porn! Seriously hot.

  19. ladypandorah says:

    Slightly breathless after viewing these three images. Wonderfully posed and I love the red hue to the final photo!

    LP x

  20. piecesofjade says:

    Absolutely love that last shot! I’m including it in my Friday Favorites tomorrow. 🙂

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