The Simple Things

Sometimes I forget how intoxicating it can feel just to have a simple order whispered to me.

It can be easy for me to get lost in the beatings, the violence and the internal struggle I so enjoy and forget what effect the simple things can have on me. How they can make my heart pound in my chest and make my entire body shiver and tingle. I forget how a few simple words can engage my mind and my imagination.

A few choice words, some simple calm commands giving me direction…

“Come here pet ..”

“Take your clothes off ..”

“All of them ..”

“Yes. Everything ..”

“Get on your knees ..”

“Spread your legs ..”

“Let me see you ..”

“What did you say? ..”

“Watch your mouth, Sweetheart ..”

“Now, touch yourself for me ..”

“Don’t forget to ask first ..”

“Make yourself come ..”

“That’s it. Come for daddy ..”

“Good girl”



About Girl Uninterrupted

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2 Responses to The Simple Things

  1. heathercoleatvaginaantics says:

    sigh…delicious is an understatement. Now you’ve set me to dreaming again…thank you! xo

  2. Its two way traffic. The simple comments back to those commands or requests can not only have the same effect on Who they are directed to, but also who is saying them. Revisit your list and see how you would properly answer each one and think how saying that, purposely, effects you.

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