Happiness is..

That first time you brushed my hair and how you’ve kept doing it ever since.

Your excited face when I tell you I’ve baked something for you.

When I’ve drifted to the other side of the bed in my sleep and I feel you pull me back into your arms.

Listening to “our songs”.

Smelling your skin after you’ve been out in the sun (and how you hate it when I do, but let me anyway).

Trusting you, with all my heart.

When you call me ‘angel’, ‘princess’, ‘sweetheart’ and ‘munchkin’, because even though I’m taller than most, I feel tiny next to you.

When you told me I was the most beautiful woman you’d ever known, and I knew you meant it.

The way you always look after me.

Missing you. Because I know that I’ll see you again soon.

Being able to sleep next to someone for the first time in years.

When you take my make up off, with such care, as though you are polishing something precious.

Saying one of our stupid inside jokes and you instantly smiling: “So sad”, “Lyla”, “Grimm”, “Let’s build a fort”.

Thinking about how quickly we fell for each other.

Never tiring of hearing you say you love me.

Talking about a future with you, and not being frightened.

Being embarrassingly soppy in front of all our friends.

Knowing how protective you are over me.

How I sleep better when I’m with you.

That when I’m in your arms, on your chest, it feels like home.

Taking stupid photos of everything we do; because I never want to forget the time I spend with you.

Seeing how much care you take and effort you make when you cook for me (because you’re worried you’ll poison me!)

Getting excited about watching a documentary in bed, with you.

How you think it’s sweet and cute when I cry at movies, adverts, newspapers and google chrome search stories.

When I think about how we met, how we didn’t meet before, and how we both took a chance.

When my dad said: “I like him”.

Being able to tell you absolutely anything, without judgement, without fail.

How supportive you are of everything I do, how you encourage me and comfort me when I’m low.

Feeling completely and utterly fulfilled by one person, and knowing you feel the same way.

Knowing that an argument is just an argument.

How you’ve never let me put myself down, not once.

The way you don’t even realise how beautiful you are.

Happiness is: Just being in love with you.

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