Fuck-Toy Friday

So last week I posted some pics for #SinfulSunday.. Today I’m letting you all in on the story behind the photos.. Enjoy x x

You’re sat on my bedroom floor when you look up at me and smile and uncertain smile – you have no idea what to expect and it shows. I sit down behind you and slide round so that my knees are on the outside of your hips. I run my hands down your arms and tell you to relax. I kiss your neck from behind and stroke your neck before gently using your hair to pull you backwards slightly. A little moan leaves your lips and I smile to myself as I reach round in front of you and tie a blindfold over your eyes.

I spend some time just caressing your body before I slide the rope over your skin for the first time.

As I tie you, I can feel your body melting into mine, your back & shoulders fall against my chest, your head starts to roll back and I position it on my shoulder. You become malleable, moving with me and I move you gently from one position to another. At first I tie your arms behind your back; I want to see how you respond to having your limbs restricted.. another moan escapes your lips.

You can’t see what I’m doing, but you can hear and you can feel, and that’s what’s important. I want you to enjoy this experience and I can tell that you are. Your little moans and gasps are bringing eliciting such contradictory feelings in me – one part of me wants to wrap you up in my arms and pet you until you fall asleep, whilst the other part of me wants to make you writhe in pain, make you feel uncomfortable and exposed.

Still tied, I slowly release you from my body and sit you upright before I move myself in front of you. You have such a beautiful face, the blindfold emphasising your perfect bone structure… your cheekbones, your jaw that I want to trail kisses over. I touch your face gently and kiss your lips. Our kiss is fervent and I want to see that desperation on your face that I love so much.. but I don’t want to stop. So I continue. I untie your arms from behind your back and let you put your arms around me and we kiss again, before I slowly move you to the bed.

The kissing continues until I tie you again, this time with one hand behind your back and one on your chest. Nothing pretty, nothing fancy, just functional. I link the rope on your chest to your legs so that they are completely bound together. Every time you try and pull you will feel the strain in your entire body.

I sit over you and admire how good you look tied up on my bed, helpless. You couldn’t move if you tried, even if you wanted to.

In my mind you look like a toy. A toy that I want to play with.

For a second I feel guilty for turning what was supposed to be a gentle rope session into.. well, something else. We‘re still very much getting to know each other and I’m not entirely sure how you will react when it’s over and done.

When we had met there was an undeniable chemistry, it was like electricity running through my whole body and part of me wanted to take you home with me that very first night. I wanted to feel you underneath me and feel you inside of me right there and then. The other part of me, the part that won, wanted to see your desperation. Over that month I wanted to make you desperate for me, I wanted to see and hear you beg, I wanted to deny you.

So that’s what happened. We couldn’t keep away from each other and saw each other constantly. It was hard, but I made you wait for just a little under a month, we’d only recently had sex for the first time.

That night I made you watch as I made myself cum. You begged just to taste me.. Your face just inches from my cunt. I could see the desperation in your face, wondering if I’d let you taste me.. or maybe if tonight was the night I’d finally fuck you. You made me orgasm countless times. With your fingers, your mouth, with both at the same time.. for what felt like hours. Over and over again.
I loved seeing the desperation on your face and feeling it in your body. I loved feeling how hard you got, how you would grind your hips against me just to feel friction. I finally told you how I wanted you to fuck me and your face was a perfect picture. The gasps escaping your lips, the exasperated moans, the begging, the pleas… it was addictive, and I was captivated.

The sex was good, *very* good… but tonight, I wanted to fuck you.

I took a look at you lying there tied up, still fully clothed. I ran my hands over the entirety on your body, groping, pulling at the ropes to incite friction, pain, pleasure.. Your lips opened and little sounds came out, your head rolled back into the pillows. It was such an intense moment and I wanted to remember what you looked like forever, I took a few photos on my phone quickly before leaning in to kiss you.

My hands travelled down to your jeans, to the buttons and zip that were covering your very prominent erection. I may or may not have giggled to myself like a silly schoolgirl at this point… I unzipped you and pulled your jeans down a little, revealing your cock straining against your white boxers. I could see the wet area on your boxers and teased you for making such a mess.

“You’re such a messy boy aren’t you? You just can’t control yourself”

You cock twitched and you moaned at my words. Before I knew it I was whispering degrading filth into your ear, listening to your pants and feeling myself becoming more and more excited. I’m reminding you how helpless you are. How vulnerable. I remind you how I could do anything to you, anything I wanted, and you wouldn’t have a choice. You were just my toy, and I was going to play with my toy.

I have my fingers in your mouth telling you to open wide. You open your mouth wide – ready to be used – I think to myself.

“Would you like to make yourself useful tonight sweetheart?” I whisper into your ear.

My lips have barely moved an inch away from your ears before I hear you gasp “Yes, yes, please”

I can’t help but laugh at your response. Desperate.

I grab your face and bring mine close to yours “Tell me you want to be my fuck toy then”

You manage to get the words out in what seems like half of a breath and it’s turning me on seeing how desperate you look.

Your writhing around, struggling against the rope, and your cock feels as though its getting harder and ready to rip through your boxers.

I lift up your t shirt and position myself on top of your bare stomach. As soon as I sit on top of you I hear you gasp. I know you can feel the heat from my between my legs, and I already know how wet I am. I ask if you want to feel how wet I am.. you nod frantically.

I slide my knickers to one side and press my wetness down onto your stomach. Quiet cries of “Oh god” come from your lips as I tell you to feel how wet I am.

I ask you if you want to taste me, I know it’s killing you that you’re not already worshipping my cunt , still, I want to make you beg for it first. Your begging doesn’t disappoint. I position my knees at other side of your face and lower myself onto you using the headboard as leverage. I move back and forward, grinding against your face and using your mouth. You are so eager to please and I make sure I make the most of it. Every time I feel close to orgasm I lift myself up, teasing you, letting you breathe.. checking the ropes aren’t cutting off your circulation.. You’re fine.

When I can’t take it any more I slide back down so that I’m sitting over your stomach and I ask you to tell me, again, that you want to be my fuck toy.

“Please, please. Oh God, please, I want to be your fuck toy. So badly. Please. Oh God”

You please eventually become almost inaudible, you’re so lost in the moment.

“Good boy.”

Roughly, I pulled your boxers down to release your cock. Still hard, wet, desperately needy. I want to taste you. I use my lips to kiss and my tongue to the head of your cock before taking your cock in my mouth. I tease you for a long time, alternating between hard and fast to slow and sensual kisses. By this point you are in such a frenzy, the noises coming from you are primal, guttural and I can’t resist any more. I grab a condom and slide it over your cock, you obviously register this and start to pant. You know what’s coming.

I lower myself down on to your cock and slowly slide it inside me. You let out a guttural moan as grind into you, feeling you deep inside of me. You are so hard it feels incredible.

I’m not gentle, or slow or sensual. Not this time.

“You’re going to stay hard for me, aren’t you? For as long as I want, until I’m done with you” I ask you.

“Yes, yes.. yes” you moan.

I lean back and rest my hands on your thighs, giving me better leverage so that I can ride your cock. Harder and faster I grind against your cock, telling you how good your cock feels and asking if you can feel how wet I am. I want to remind you that this is about my pleasure, not yours. I remind you that I couldn’t care less if you cum, so long as I do.

It sounds funny, but I felt so close to you. You were letting me in where you hadn’t let anyone else before. You were trusting me, letting me humiliate you, letting me degrade you… letting me use you for my pleasure.

I’m in a state of bliss. I barely know what I’m saying anymore, I just know it’s degrading and humiliating you.. and it’s turning us both on. I feel close to orgasm and whilst I know it’s unlikely, I want you to try and orgasm with me. I ask if you want to come… of course you do.

I lean over you, I’m covered in sweat, my hair is in front of my face.. you still have the blindfold on and can’t see, but I know your other senses are heightened. I’m close to your mouth now; “You can come, are you ready?” You nod and just as I feel my orgasm tearing through me, I feel yours too. It wasn’t something I really expected, but we both orgasm at the same time..

We’re both moaning, and shaking and sweating profusely… still lying on top of you, I reach for your face. I want to see your eyes, I want to see your face and I want to make sure you’re okay.

I take the blindfold off and kiss you. I really kiss you, with all of my energy and there’s that electricity again. It was incredible.

Afterwards, once I’ve untied you and made sure you were okay, we are quiet. I held you close to me and stroked your hair.

“My toy”, I whispered as I brushed your hair away from your face.

We were still, occasionally you would look up at me with awe and wonder in your eyes. In your own little world.

I think this was when I felt it, that was when I knew you were more than that – more than a play thing to me.

You were going to be someone special, I felt it already.

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4 Responses to Fuck-Toy Friday

  1. heathercoleatvaginaantics says:

    Beautifully written! I sat back in my chair after reading this and WISHED I didn’t have to return to work. I love, love, love your words and the photos. Thank you! Now I’m all hot and bothered and hopeful. Maybe I can get a cold shower somewhere. 🙂

  2. Appreciative says:

    I love, love, loved that story. Thanks!

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