Take Care Of Me

I can’t wait until you get here. I’m laid up in bed, suffering from some terrible illness. Okay well, it’s the flu, but it’s still terrible. My chest hurts, I feel weak and nauseous and my voice is almost gone. Not to mention the shifting between feeling like I‘m burning up and feeling like I‘ve just been dropped into a bucket of ice. But worst of all I feel like I’m in some kind of haze.. A strange half dreamlike state. I can barely focus on anything, I can’t concentrate, and I feel almost dizzy with it. But I’m thinking about you. Glad you are coming to see me straight from work.

Any minute now, you’ll come walking through my front door, you’ll give me a soft smile, a little pitiful look and you’ll kiss my forehead. You’ll give me the sympathy I need right now, you’ll take care of me.

When you get here, you’ll look after me.

I despise being sick; I feel weak and pathetic, unable to do anything but lie in bed and feel sorry for myself. Despite making a vain attempt at making myself look somewhat attractive for your arrival, I still look like a sick person.

You arrive just on time, punctual as ever, and I’m genuinely thankful when I greet you at the door. I can’t help but throw my arms around you and bury my head into your shoulder.

“Hello to you too sweetheart” you let out a small laugh and I feel your hands holding my waist, you pull your head back and take a good look at me. “Not feeling so hot, huh? Lets go and sit, I‘ve brought you some supplies”.

I let go of you and listen to you closing the front door as I drop onto the sofa and pull a throw over myself. You walk over to me and I eye up the plastic bag that you’re holding.. You notice and laugh. You sit down next to me and unload the contents of the bag onto the coffee table in front of us. Paracetamol, honey, a lemon, Lemsip, grapes, lucozade.. And a soft toy bear that I’d said was cute a few weeks ago when we were in town. I would never have bought it, I’m not massively into soft toys, but knowing you remembered made my chest feel full. You must have gotten it today at lunch time, the place would have been closed after work. I look at you and smile, it was such a thoughtful gesture, and in my already emotional state I feel my eyes starting to well up.

“Hey, don’t start that, come here” you say softly and bring me towards you in a tight embrace. I’m aware that I’m a little emotional right now, but I just don’t want to let go of you, I kiss your neck and hug you tightly. I tell you how glad I am that you’re here right now. I really need you here right now. You kiss my forehead and stroke my hair as I cuddle into you, you run your hands slowly down my back and onto my ass and I just melt into you. I lap up your affection and let out a little satisfied moan as you rub my ass and kiss my head once again.

“Nice pj’s, by the way” you tease and softly ping the elastic waistband of my polka dot pyjama bottoms.

“Ughh I know, I look so beautiful right now” I say sarcastically.

You continue stroking up and down my back, playing with the ends of my hair “Hmm.. Well, you’d look better if you took those pyjamas off. I bet you‘d feel better too.”

I smack your chest playfully, yeah, that’s not going to happen.

You laugh and start stroking my face “Come on Princess, you know Daddy hates it when you wear them.”

“Don’t” I say quietly.

“Don’t what?” You say absent mindedly as you focus on my face, still stroking it with your thumb. “I’m just trying to make you feel better, sweetheart”

“You know what” I take your hand in mine and remove it from my face, I’m about to move from the sofa when you catch my hand in yours.

“Where do you think you’re going Princess?”

“Bed” I say, exasperated.

“Good idea. But not before you tell Daddy how sorry you are. After all, I’m just trying to make you feel better” You say it so convincingly, I can’t tell where you’re going with this.

“I’m sorry, okay?” I sigh.

I feel your grip tighten around my wrist as I try to pull away “Sorry what?”

“Please.. Can we just go to bed? I’m tired” I plead with you.

Your expression changes. “I know sweetheart, and we can go to bed.. Just as soon as you apologise for being such an ungrateful brat.”

I look at you in shock. I wasn’t being ungrateful, was I?

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be” I say meekly. Normally I’d argue but I don’t have it in me tonight.

The hardness leaves your expression, but your grip on my wrist tightens “Good girl. You forgot something though. Say.. “I’m sorry for being a little bitch, Daddy’”

I let out an amused sound and lift myself off the sofa, you’re just messing with me now. You wouldn’t do this to me when I’m feeling like this.

You haven‘t let go of my wrist and as I stand up, you pull my arm back down towards you. Hard. So hard I fall onto the floor on my knees.

I pull away from you slightly and look up at your face. I’m pleading with you with my eyes. “Please” I say. I can’t do this right now.

“Then just tell me that you’re sorry, it’s really not that difficult, even for you” You smirk.

“I’m sorry.. Please.. Just..”

My plea is sharply met by you slapping my face. You grab my face and look down at me.

“All I’m asking you to do is repeat after me” – “I’m sorry for being a little bitch, Daddy”

I feel the tears forming in my eyes. “I’m sorry for being a little bitch, Daddy”

You slap me again. I wince and try to pull away.

“Say it again”

I try to fight the lump in my throat, but I can’t stop the snivelling cry that comes out of my mouth.

Slapping me with the back of your hand you sneer at me, “If you want to act like a stupid little girl then you’ll get treated like one. Now, fucking say it again”

Tears flowing down my face, I say it again.

“That’s a good girl. Now, don’t you want to take those pyjamas off?” You say, eyeing me up and down.

I shake my head and look down at the ground. I really don’t want to. I’m cold, and I just want to go to bed and cuddle up beside you.

You shake your head before grabbing my throat and slapping me a few more times in quick succession. I’m fighting tears as you tighten your grip, forcing me to look up at you.

“Take them off. Now” You slap me again and then push me away with your hand.

A few feet away from you now, I scramble to my feet. I look at you and you’re just staring at me, expectantly.

My gut instinct kicks in and before I know it I’m running down the hallway to my bedroom and closing the door behind me. I stand behind it and put all my weight against it. I already know in my head it was a bad idea. I hear your steps in the hall way, you take your time. You knock on the door, a soft little tune plays on the wood.

I start to sob. I know you could easily break down the door if you wanted to. I slump to the ground and start to cry.

“Open the door Princess, come on.” You say softly.

I shift over and reach up to the handle, I open the door, allowing you to come in.

Standing over me, you give me a sorry little look. “That wasn’t very clever was it?”

I shake my head, sobbing.

You reach down and touch my hair softly. It doesn’t last as you grab me roughly and pull my to my feet. You move closer to me and I instinctively back into the wall.

“Take your clothes off for Daddy”

The tears are flowing down my face as I start to undress. I take off my top and then my pyjama bottoms. I shiver, realising how cold the wall feel against my bare skin.

Your smile is menacing as you look at my naked body in front of you, trailing your fingers softly down my neck and chest, and back up to my face. You slap my face and push me down on to the ground. I slump over, trying to protect myself in case you start to hit me again. I barely have any time to regain my composure before you grab me by my hair.

With one fist in my hair and the other unbuttoning your trousers you look down at me “It’s time to show Daddy how sorry you are”

You step closer and shove your cock into my mouth. I try to keep calm as you shove yourself down my throat, but I feel sick already. You hold your cock there and I try to move away, I can barely breathe. I push my hands against your hips, trying to get you away from me but you only force yourself further down my throat and push my head back into the wall with a hard thud.

Tears streaming down my face, I’m violently gagging and saliva is pooling in my mouth, starting to drip down my chin. I’m mumbling, looking up at you and pleading to let me go. You pull your cock out of my mouth and allow me to breathe, briefly, before pulling my head back and shoving it down my throat again.

I feel like I’m going to be sick, I’m really retching now and I’m terrified that I’m going to throw up all over you.

“How do you feel sweetheart?” Your facial expression is that of complete amusement. I know you’re getting a kick out of this, seeing my tears as I‘m about to throw up. I feel vulnerable, and scared.

You let me breathe again, and I turn my head to the side as I gasp for air and try not to vomit. I don’t think I can take any more of this, and when your grip tightens in my hair again, and you bring your cock to my face, I hold my lips shut. I try to move my head away despite your grip pulling me forwards. With a sharp pull, you bang my head off the wall and I open my mouth to cry out. Sobbing uncontrollably, you shove your cock in my mouth and start fucking my face.

As quickly as it started, you pull away from me.

“Get on the bed, on your hands and knees.” you say as you motion over to the bed.
I use my hands as I struggle to get up. I sob silently as I position myself on the bed, hearing you walk over and standing behind me.

You slap my ass “Spread your legs, I want to see your cunt”

I do as I’m told, spreading my legs and displaying myself to you. I hear a laugh escape your lips.

“You’re always so fucking wet. I haven‘t even touched you.” You sound disgusted. “Such a needy little whore”

“Touch yourself for me”

I lower my head down into the bed, not wanting you to hear me sobbing any more. I start touching myself, feeling your eyes on me.

“Do you have any idea how pathetic you look right now?” You grab my ass and roughly shove your fingers in my cunt.

“Tell me how pathetic you feel. Tell me what it feels like to let Daddy use you like this”

I can’t speak. Instead I find myself moving my hips back and moving back and forth against your hand.

Your fist finds its way back into my hair, wrapping it around your knuckles tightly, “Come on, tell Daddy what a needy little whore you are”

I’m breathing heavily and I moan as you pull my head back and work your fingers in and out of me.

“Beg for me to fuck you, Princess”

Again all I can muster is moan. Sobs are still getting caught in my throat, I feel pathetic, but I want this. I want you to fuck me.

“Please” I cry out. “Please, fuck me”

You bury your fingers deep inside my cunt, pushing harder, “Excuse me? Did you forget to say something else?”

I let out a sharp gasp “Daddy. Please Daddy, fuck me. Please..”

You bring me closer to you and roughly start fucking me from behind. I arch my back as you pull my hair tight around your hand, and ram your cock deep inside me.

Slowing down your pace, but still fucking me hard, you lean over and push my face into the bed. I can barely breathe as you whisper into my ear.

“You know what I find funny, sweetheart. Even in this state, you’ll still beg for my cock. You really are a fucking whore.”

Your words send me over the edge and I struggle to breathe, I come, hard.
I tremble uncontrollably and try get my breath back.. my body is shaking and I can’t help but cry into the duvet now, as you use me until you’re done with me.

Later, I start to drift off in your arms. You stroke my hair and you whisper in my ear “I could get used to taking care of you, sweetheart.”

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4 Responses to Take Care Of Me

  1. Onohara says:

    I have such mixed feelings about this. In this situation I’d probably come, too – my body is what it is, and I’m a well-trained whore that way, lol – and of course I never, ever want to pass judgment on others’ play without knowing what is and isn’t consensual in the relationship, including CNC. In this case we’d need a lot more context to determine that. But unless it’s an m/s situation where I don’t have the option to leave (which is rare), I’d probably wake up in the morning and tell him that if he ever pulled that crap again when I felt so physically poorly, we’d be done. I’m all for subs and slaves putting their partners’ needs first, second, and third, but for me this scenario would extend a bout with flu by days. Intentionally causing negative health impacts without my explicit consent – knowingly having me fuck someone with STDs, say, or in this case, exacerbating an existing illness – is a hard, hard limit for me unless I negotiated it as part of the relationship (e.g., m/s or TPE where he owns my body and I agree I will have zero say in how it’s used or modified). Ugh. No matter how my body reacted in the moment, this wouldn’t be arousing for me at all. Quite the opposite – I’d be furious.

    • Thanks for your comment – I’m always interested in hearing others opinions 🙂

      I didn’t give any context on purpose, I want the reader to decide whether this is real and supposed to feel abusive, whether it’s a very well put together (and afore agreed) play scenario or whether it’s completely fictitious.

      Some of my writing is based on real life situations that I’ve been a part of, some is based loosely on the truth and some is completely fictional.

      I make no secret of the fact that my biggest fetishes are consensual non-consent and emotional masochism, and for me this really plays into both. I’m very much attracted to, and play with some darker sides of BDSM, it’s just what I find most arousing.

      I can completely understand how this scenario would be unacceptable and abhorrent to the majority of people who read it, and I imagine most would be furious if it happened to them.

      • Onohara says:

        Hi GI – understood – I’m actually totally into CNC. And while I wouldn’t be into it while I was sick, if someone else was this’d be hot. (There’s plenty of erotica I like involving things that wouldn’t be to my personal taste!) But as you say there’s no context, and having experienced both CNC and the real thing, they hit some of the same emotional buttons (depending your ability to stay in role) but there’s still a pretty solid line between them. That’s why I’m mixed and why at least for me this piece is good writing and art but hard to get into as erotica. Part of me likes the scenario, and part of me, like our heroine, just wants to puke. 🙂

  2. x_TigerLily_x says:

    J and I ❤ this.

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