Admiring The View…

I’ve been a little quiet on the blogging front for a while.. mostly because I’ve been out of the country for the best part of the last month. Part of my time away was spent on a lovely vacation with the boyfriend, here’s a little snippet of what we got up to…


Don’t forget to check out who else is being Sinful this Sunday..


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21 Responses to Admiring The View…

  1. KaziG says:

    So much potential for fun ahead… I love the view 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. Molly says:

    I love the pose and the city lights beyond the window really seem to emphasis your vulnerability. I have to ask where on earth did you get those restraints? They are…oohhhh!


    • Thank you for your lovely words as always Molly.

      I forgot to say.. I picked these up from London Fetish Fair a while back, although I can’t remember who from! I think it may have been Trussed!

      G x

  3. Emily says:

    Oh, that really is gorgeous in so very many ways.

  4. Love your photos. The woman… the imagery.

  5. A beautiful view!

    Rebel xox

  6. Suqui says:

    When I saw the pic, I thought simply. “that is beautiful.” thanks for posting.

  7. This is a GORGEOUS image! I love the pose and the scene. Also, I’ve never seen an armbinder quite like that one. I love it!

  8. Penny says:

    What a sexy view, and those restraints look awesome on you!

  9. MrM says:

    You guys know how to vacation properly.

  10. Blacksilk says:

    What a beautiful, submissive picture and pose! Gorgeous! I love the restraints and second Molly in asking for more info on them 🙂

  11. Lovely you; lovely view; lovely armbinder too 🙂

    xx Dee

  12. Simply gorgeous…….

    ~Mia~ xx

  13. wrjones2012 says:

    A lovely glimpse of your glorious bum.

  14. fridayam says:

    I have discovered your wonderful blog shamefully late but I must say this is a beautiful photo of a beautiful you;)

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