“You really do look like a doll.” You smile as you raise the wine glass to your lips.

I blush and look down, feeling slightly embarrassed at what I know is a compliment from you.

“So, Dolly.. ” You gesture towards my breasts, which are looking rather obvious due to the low cut top I’m wearing. The top you told me to wear.

You lean back and smile wryly, holding my gaze “I think every man in here noticed you”

“Not to mention the glimpse of your stockings as you walked up the stairwell”

I try & laugh it off but I’m starting to feel uncomfortable. Were people really looking at me like that? Do I look like some kind of ‘cheap whore’?

I put my arms around myself, reaching for my elbows in some kind of comforting way, but I realise it’s making me look nervous so I rest my arms on the table and try to look casual.

God, why am I so nervous tonight? I’m not usually like this

“You know it’s very rude to put your elbows on the table?”

I look at your face, hoping to see a sign that you’re joking. You’re smiling but I can tell this isn’t a joke.

I move my elbows off the table and sit straight up in my chair. I don’t feel comfortable in my self tonight, nerves are getting the better of me and I’ve never felt less dignified.
“You’re fidgeting now” you say casually looking at my hands, obviously picking up on my discomfort.
No, you didn’t just notice my discomfort.. you’re revelling in it.
“Here” You reach out and turn my seat around, like I’m a child who needs to be repositioned. You completely move the chair so that I’m now facing you straight on.
You take my wrists and you hold them tight in your hands to stop me from fidgeting. Then you motion for me to continue talking.
I try to continue what I was saying, but since you took hold of my wrists I seem to have lost my concentration. Funny, how an action so small can have such a big effect on me, I can barely think straight.

My mind is quickly trying to put together pieces of what I was saying so that I can finish my last sentence.. but instead I notice one of your hands leaving my wrist and slowly sliding along, positioning itself on my thigh.

Your hand slides expertly down between my thighs and nudges them apart slightly. I feel your body coming closer toward mine, you’re leaning into me, your leg is sliding between my own. You place your hand on the back of my head, running your fingers through my hair gently before pulling me toward you.
My face, so close to yours now. I can smell your aftershave, the faint smell of cigarettes and wine.. It’s fresh and raw at the same time, sexual, intoxicating.

Your hands still in my hair as your lips crash against mine and your hand roughly forces it’s way up between my thighs.

I feel your hand in between my legs, your fingers rubbing against my knickers.
“These are drenched – go take them off.”

I look at you in a mixture of shock and amusement. No way.

“No way… certainly not” I say indignantly. I seemed to have my dignity back, although it really didn’t belong to me in that moment.

Your eyes are staring directly into mine and I am literally torn in two. I can’t, really, I can’t go into some ladies toilets and take off my underwear for this man… but part of me wants to. I’m excited by this, anything could happen.. I don’t even feel like myself as I stand up and walk up toward the ladies room.

As soon as I walk through that door into the tiny little room I freeze. I can’t seem to make myself do as you asked, it’s so difficult and I don’t know why. It takes me around 10 minutes before I finally manage to take off my little black panties and return to the table where you’re sitting, waiting.
I can tell by the look on your face that you’re less than satisfied with how long I was gone, but you don’t mention it.

Instead, as soon as I’ve sat down, you move my chair closer to you again. You put your hand out and I give you my sodden knickers.

“Let me see. Open your legs Dolly.”

I look at you in shock and I move my eyes around the room, noticing the large group of people sitting at the table next to us. We are hidden in a corner but you can see my concern, what if people see?!

“Don’t worry about them, worry about me”

You pull my chair even closer to you and you look at me expectantly.

Slowly, I start to spread my legs apart, hesitantly. I’m so embarrassed, I can’t believe you’re making me do this.

You lean back in your chair casually.

“I can see how wet you are”

Those words coming from your lips make me blush uncontrollably – I could feel the heat in my chest and my face. I immediately start to close my legs without thinking, but you move your own leg in between them so that I can’t.

“You can stay like that for now”

I feel your hand slowing make it’s way back up my thigh, my back tenses in anticipation. I want you to touch me. I want to feel you. You kiss me and then I feel your your fingers brush over my cunt, just for a few seconds, then those same fingers are on my lips. You push your fingers into my mouth, making me taste myself on your fingertips.

You touch me again, over and over again. I can’t take any more of this. I can’t concentrate. Everything feels hazy, this is so humiliating. Yet, I feel overcome with lust and need and I want more.

Quite suddenly, you’re pulling away from me.
“Grab your coat, Dolly”
It’s all happening very quickly, and I think we must be going on to another bar.

I put my coat on and we head out towards the landing of the stairwell. I start to walk towards the stairs leading down and out the bar, but you take my hand and direct me upstairs. I can only look at you quizzically, as I upstairs only leads to the ladies toilets and it makes no sense why you would want to..

You pull me onto the stairs and I start to walk up, I feel your hand sliding onto my ass and pushing me up further until we reach the outside of the ladies room.

“Go and check if anyone else is in there”

No, no way. My face must have given my concern away because before I can bring myself to speak I feel your hand on my face. You’re squeezing my face, hard, holding my chin.

I’m terrified. Not of you, but we can’t do this.

“Please. Someone will see.” I manage to whisper.
I feel the pressure of your hand let go of my face just for it to be replaced by a hard slap across my left cheek.

“Get. Fucking. In.”


The sound of profanity coming from your well mannered mouth is undeniably sexy. I’m coming undone. This time I do as I’m told and walk into the ladies room, it’s empty and you follow behind me.
You hang your suit jacket up on the hook on the wall before gently slipping my coat from my shoulders. I feel your hands caress my shoulders as you take my coat from me and I shiver, you hang my coat up beside your own. You lock the door. You’re so composed and calm.

You turn to me and suddenly I feel a shift in the air, you slap my face hard and I almost stumble. You grab me and stop me from falling.

“Don’t ever say ‘no’ to me again”

I nod meekly, trying to raise my hand to my burning cheek. My face hurts and I can feel myself close to tears but my body still wants this, I know how turned on I am.

You push me, face first, against the cold tiled wall. I feel you against my back, I can feel your cock pressing against me.

“Spread your legs”

I do as you say and you pull my top down to my waist, exposing my breasts. Again, you push my body against the cold wall whilst holding my arms behind my back. My nipples are touching the cold tile and I can’t help myself from trying to grind my ass against you. I can’t deny it, I want this.

“You’re so desperate. Get on your knees and face me. Keep those legs apart too. I want to look at how wet your cunt is.”

I lower myself on to my knees and look up at you expectantly.

You unzip your suit trousers and take free your cock from your boxers. You’re rock hard and I lift myself up ever so slightly just so I can be closer to it. I want to taste you so badly but your hand is in my hair pulling my neck back.. I just want to get closer..

“Beg for my cock, Dolly. It’s what you came here for, isn’t it?”

I close my eyes, can’t bear to look at him. I’m overcome with shame and embarrassment. My cunt is throbbing.

I feel his palm on my face as he slaps me once more.

“Open your eyes and tell me what a cock hungry whore you are”

I open my eyes slowly, tears have started to fall and there’s an black outline of make-up in my vision. I’m not sure whether it’s the pain of his strike or the shame of his words being true that’s making me sob but I wish I could stop. I wish I could stop crying.

“Please can I have your cock in my mouth. Please” I manage to sound even more pathetic than I had imagined.

Your thumb moves over my cheek and brushes away one of my tears before you shove it in my mouth. Your hand is in my hair again pulling my neck back, your thumb opening my mouth wider. Forcefully you shove your cock into my mouth, deep down into my throat. I start to gag almost instantly but you ignore my cries and just reposition my head so you can better fuck my face.

“Good girl. Good Dolly”

You fuck my face violently, tears streaming from my eyes, mascara everywhere. My head is banging against the tiled wall as you thrust in and out of my mouth relentlessly. I can barely breathe and I try to beg you to stop but only muffled sounds come from my mouth.

“You’re soaking wet, Dolly. I can see from here”

Again I close my eyes to avoid your gaze. You’re right, I’m being abused in the middle of some pub toilet and it’s turning me on like nothing ever has. The shame stings and makes me shiver at the same time.
You grab my hair even tighter and start to move faster in and out of my mouth. You give one final thrust deep into my throat and I can feel you cum down my throat, you pull back and press your cock on my tongue. I lap up your cum and swallow everything you give me. Desperate. Needy. Used.

I can hear you exhale and I look at you.

“Good Doll. Let’s get you a taxi”

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11 Responses to Dolly

  1. Heather Cole says:

    I love this post, specifically because it inspired such discomfort and desire in me. You write with skill that places me directly beside you. I’m the most appreciative voyeur! Thank you for sharing. I’m sending this to my sir and hoping that he doesn’t/does take inspiration from your adventures.

  2. andallthingsnicexxx says:

    Such perfect domination. Aren’t you a lucky girl 😉

  3. Daniel says:

    Stumbled across your blog, read this and now I’m rock hard.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  4. Hypneros says:

    Great – just the right balance between detail (for the needy) and mood (for the imaginative)
    i’ll be back…

  5. Decent guys says:

    This is really messed up, makes me wanna puke

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