In My Place

By it’s very nature I feel as though it should be a punishment. Something to fear and dread. At times it is. But not this time.

You call me over. I walk toward you, can barely keep your gaze.

This time, tonight, I want it. No. I need it. I can’t stop thinking about it.

You take off your belt. The sound of the leather sliding through each loop, gliding around your trousers – it’s intoxicating.

I watch your lips move as you talk to me, watching your arms and hands move making gestures that I’m too preoccupied to really understand.

The belt is laid on the bed, you sit down next to it. Your hand next to it. I wonder which will come first. If you’ll be kind.

I used to think it was dull, boring.

I imagine you positioning me, over your knee, hands behind my back, vulnerable. Just the way you like me.

Why can’t I stop thinking about it?

Your hand caressing my naked thigh, slowly working up toward my skirt.

You’re still talking to me but I can’t concentrate.

My body tingling as you reach the apex of my thighs. Moving down to check if I’m enjoying this. Fuck.

I don’t know what to do with myself. I want to your attention, I need to get your attention.

Slowly you remove my knickers, sliding them down my thighs, past my ankles. They land on the floor.

I say something I know you won’t like. I do it on purpose. I need a reaction from you. I need.. something..

Your strong hands running back up my legs.. you’re lingering, teasing me. You know I want this. I need it.

I’m needy, can’t you see?

Please, please, show me who’s in charge. Put me in my place.

I need to feel your hands on me. I need to feel the familiar warmth your palm leaves on me.

One of your hands grips both my forearms and holds them together. I can’t help but wriggle my ass, unintentionally grinding forward on to your knee.

You look at my almost knowingly. Do you know? Do you know what I need?

The first time your hand lands on my ass is hard and fast. Like a slap. The way you slap my face. It hurts.. but I exhale. I can breathe.

“Tell me what you’re trying to achieve, little girl.” I feel small now. So small. You know.

You beat me and I struggle underneath you. Hands, belt, hand. Each strike landing more ferociously, each blow harder than the last.

Silence. I’m supposed to speak first, I know. You hold my gaze, my heart beats faster in my chest.

Fuck, it hurts. Fuck, I want this. Each time your palm leaves my skin a little part of me floats away too.

I can barely speak, my face is red and I’m embarrassed and full of shame. Why is this so hard? Why do I need this?

I’m on your knee, red and bruised and broken. I’m in my place. I’m free. I’m yours.

“Please, will you spank me?”

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11 Responses to In My Place

  1. Molly says:

    Oh yes I so get this, I need it too, I want it too, make me feel small and powerless. I want to be used until I am exhausted and broken…then I want you to fuck me.

    Great writing!


  2. mmalflic says:

    Wonderful story and the dynamic of what was happening and then your inner monologue was a great shift from physical environment to the emotion/mental part of it.

  3. Fantastic – I love this – I want to recreate this whole scene in my life! And I think I would REALLY like to be called “little girl.” I will have to try that!

  4. Lovely piece. I get the same way, the tension, the buildup, then the release and centering that only come after I feel the sting. Beautiful post!

    • Thank you. It’s good to know I’m not the only one 🙂

    • Chinonso says:

      Thanks to all of you for your kind responses. My arlgley to the dog seems to have gone away. I fear she is so bonded to me right now, she won’t leave my side for any reason. Even to eat. She is very loyal. Paul A boi is a term for a type of lesbian and I assure you that my boi is not a tranny, however I have played with cross dresser before, but they were not a transvestite, they simply enjoyed dressing as a woman with heterosexual urges intact. Thanks again to all of you and I will try and manage more individual responses later. In the meantime I am attempting to get acclimated to my situation of my information escaping my fingertips.

  5. Electric. I can feel the emotion screaming through in your writing. So well done and such a wonderful picture you’ve painted. Embarrassment, need, shame. It’s perfect. LOVE! Jane xxx

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