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Hogtied on the bed and unable to move, I could just about see him from theĀ corner of my eye. Walking with such purpose, silent, as I see him.. those black latex gloves. My heart starts to pound and I can … Continue reading

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Sometimes Daddy plays guitar and sings songs to me.. I can’t get enough of seeing his hands move up and down the guitar. How handsome is my daddy?

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Lady In The Street…

Daddy never did give me those back… Don’t forget to see who else is being Sinful this Sunday…

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Daddy’s Cunt

If it’s written.. it must be true..

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A Reminder

Sometimes I forget that I’m just a toy, a collection of holes to be used. Daddy knows how to remind me. Don’t forget to see who else is being Sinful this Sunday..

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A Moment CapturedĀ 

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“Don’t You Dare Fucking Stop”

“Come. Be a good girl and sit on Daddy’s cock” The words sent shivers down her spine. Despite the trepidation she felt, she didn’t hesitate in her task. Daddy wanted to be inside her. No words more needed to be … Continue reading

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