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Check out who else is being sinful this Sunday..
Sinful Sunday
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The Viceroy 


Check out who else is being Sinful this Sunday..

Sinful Sunday
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Read To Me

I like nights like tonight. It’s cold outside, raining. I can hear the wind & rain battering against the glass of the window.

It’s a quiet night in for us. A pretty uneventful night, dinner, some wine.. But The best part, my favourite part, is now. I’m lying in bed with you, laying with my head on your chest, lights slightly dimmed. I can hear your heartbeat, feel your chest rise & fall. I can feel your warmth under me as I read. You’re reading too.

I run my foot along your leg, from your ankle, slowly along your shin. My hand caresses your chest. I love touching you, feeling you.. I love tonight, I’m relishing in the normality of it.

I continue reading, absent mindedly touching you every so often & nestling my head into your chest. I feel you shift slightly, I hear you putting your book down on the side table.

I look up to you. “Had enough for tonight?”

“Hmm” you nod, stroking my hair, looking at me. “Read to me..”

I smile at you almost quizzically, “yeah?”

“Yeah, why not?” you laugh.

“Okay” I say with a smile. I start to read from my book, finding the first proper sentence on the page.

I read aloud, concentrating on making sure I read the sentences out properly. Using the right tone of voice. Im not nervous about this – it’s just us – but I want it to sound right.

You’re stroking my hair, your touch is caring & tender. I close my eyes & begin to get lost in the sensation. I open my eyes & search for where I last read on the page.. Clearly Im taking too long when I feel you playfully pull on my hair.

I feign an ‘ouch’ noise & smile back at you before searching the page again.

“Lost your place sweetheart?”

“Umm, no. I just got distracted.. ” I say just as I find where I was and continue to read.

As I read on, I feel your hand in my hair. Not as gentle as before. In fact, you’re pulling at my hair harder now. Grabbing firstfuls of my hair in your palms, pulling it briefly before letting it go.

“Don’t” I reach back and lightly smack away your hand “I can’t concentrate”

I continue reading but you’re still pulling at my hair then letting go again. This last time, you don’t let go. You hold your grip.. Start pulling me towards you by my hair, my neck straining as my head tilts backwards.

“Stop it, you’re ruining this” I say, trying to sound confident.

You grab my chin, making sure I’m looking up at you.

“I’m ruining this?”

You have that look on your face. The look that says you’re amused at what I’m saying. I amuse you.

I roll my eyes, try to pull away.. But you just tighten your grip.

You look down at me, fist still in my hair, other hand now stroking my face, “Keep on reading then darling”

That’s it, I’m getting up. I Try to push myself off the bed with my arms but you reach out & pull me back down. I seem to have dropped the book, you let go of me & pick it up.

You hold the book out to me, “I’m sorry, please, keep reading”

I just look at you. Hesitant.

“Come on sweetheart” you slap my arm with the book, almost jokingly.

I’m still frowning, but I start to reach out to take the book from you. Until you hit my arm with it again. Harder this time.

You do it a third time. The paperback hits off my arm, I can see you smiling. I can’t stand you right now.

It’s like you can sense what I’m thinking. You grab my face with one hand, squeezing my cheeks together & making me look up at you.

“Come on, you wanted to keep reading. Don’t let me ruin it for you, princess. Here”

You tap the book against my cheek.

“What, don’t want to read anymore?,” You taunt me before slapping me harder across the cheek with the book.

You push me down into the bed, face first. I’m trying to push myself up, grabbing at the sheets, but your holding me down at the back of my neck. You take my hands and pin them under your knees.

Your practically straddling my back now, I couldn’t get you off me even if I put all my strength into it. But I still try. I frantically try & buck my hips, push my shoulders up, but nothing works.

I hear you laughing at me.

You hold my neck down & run your hand down my back. First over my vest top, down from my neck to my spine. Then under the top from my spine upwards.

Your hand travels back down & you reposition yourself so you’re sitting over the back of my legs. You grab my ass. You grope me. You slide your hand in between my legs, up to my spine again, you reach under & start to feel my breasts.

You stop. You reach for the book, you open it & put it right beside my face.


I turn my head to the other side. I’m not playing along, not tonight.

Your hand travels in between my legs again & you force your fingers in my cunt. Your touch is hard, rough. You grab my hair with your free hand and shove my face down onto the open book as I feel you force another finger inside me. I cry out. You’re hurting me.

You don’t care, you push your fingers in further.

“Read to me”

I struggle to see the words on the page, tears are forming in my eyes. But I start to read.

I feel so fucking pathetic, reading out to you now. You keep fucking me with your hand, until I’m crying it hurts so much.

“It’s too much, please stop.” I’m pleading with you, the pages of the book are wet with my tears.

You stop. I feel the pressure coming off my legs. You’ve shifted. I feel relief until I realise you’ve only moved so you can pull down my little shorts. They’re off now.

“Spread your legs for me”

I just cry into the book, I dont want to move. But I do it anyway, I manage to lift myself up & spread my legs for you.    I know it’ll be worse if I don’t.

You force your cock inside me & start fucking me from behind.

“Turn the page, keep reading”

I reach up, try to turn the page but they’re wet, stuck together. I’m sobbing. I feel pathetic, I can’t even get the page to turn.

You grab my hair & pull back, still fucking me.

“Look what you’ve done. Start over. In fact, just read that page to me.”

You make me read the same page over & over again. I feel your hands on my ass, spreading me open. You force your cock inside & start fucking my ass. You start to shove your fingers in & out of my cunt. You hear my sobs, my cries. The pathetic way I’m still trying to read the page as your fucking me. You really don’t care.

I’m crying into the book, it’s so wet, the print has smudged. I can barely read it, I give up & drop my face down.

You pull out of me & pull me up to my knees.

“Open up wide for me sweetheart.”

I drop my head, god no. You slap my face & grab it. I open my mouth ever so slightly, tongue hanging out like some kind of animal.

You come over my puffy tear soaked face, aiming for my mouth, my tongue.

“Lick my cum from round your mouth.”

“But don’t swallow it – you don’t deserve it. Hold it there.”

I feel the embarrassment running through me, I’m such a mess. I close my eyes & lick around my mouth. I taste your cum in my mouth, I can feel it on my tongue. Tears running down my face. Chest heaving.

You reach out for the book & open it, holding out in front of my face.

“Now, read to me…”

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Sinful Sunday

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Watch Me Break

The first blow lands on the soft cushioning of the sofa, less than inch from my face. You’re speaking to me now, shouting almost, but I don’t know what you’re saying. I can’t think. Your fist lands at the other side of my face now, more words I don’t understand. My body starts to react and I start to struggle, whimpering pathetically, as I try to get free but can’t. Your other hand is gripping my wrists. Both of my wrists, held tightly in just one of your hands. I can’t remember the last time I felt this scared and small – and you haven’t even hit me yet.

I can feel your hand resting beside my hair, so close to my face. It could almost be comforting if it wasn’t like a promise of what’s yet to come.

And yet, you let me go. As suddenly as you started, you stopped. I can move my wrists and instinctively I shuffle away from you into the corner of the sofa. It takes me a minute before I realise that you’re sat still, just… looking at me.

You give me a moment to compose myself as best I can before you tell me to come over to you. Your expression doesn’t change as I edge carefully closer. For once I manage to look you in the eye, you’re giving nothing away.

“This” you slide your fingers under the strap of my dress “…Needs to come off”

I find myself undressing, the urge to do as you ask taking over my growing nerves and embarrassment. You unzip my dress and watch as I remove it first. I try to hide behind my already dishevelled hair as I slide my panties down over my thighs. I’m now left kneeling in front of you in just a pair of black hold-ups, like I’m on display for you.

“Turn around for me” your voice is low as you cast your eyes over me. I try cover my body with my hands as I turn my back to you, well aware that any semblance of modesty I once had is now gone.

You lean in close to me and push me forward, I can smell the whisky on your breath and it’s intoxicating. The whisky seems to fill the air around me and I lose myself in it for a moment whilst I’m positioned on to my hands and knees. My body starts to hum and I hear myself exhale.

Your hand brushes down my back as you move away from me, I can tell you’ve positioned yourself at the other end of the sofa when I hear you pick up your glass from the table.

The liquid in the glass makes a soft sound as you raise it to your lips and take a sip. I can’t see you, but I can feel you. I can feel you staring at your view, knowing how it makes me feel.

“Spread your legs and shake your arse for me”

I take a sharp breath before my chest begins to burn and the feeling in the pit of my stomach turns to dread. Such a small thing, but I just… can’t. I hesitate as you tell me to hurry up, you’re waiting. I try to move my legs, to humiliate myself, but my pride won’t let me.

“I… I can’t” I mumble. As though I have a choice.

You hit my arse as though you were expecting me to say that. You probably were.

Before I can try to protect myself, your fists are raining down on me. You are all over my, my arms, my legs, my arse. Everywhere. I try to move on my side and curl away from you, but you keep going.

Every time you hit me you show me that you won’t back down, I can’t get out of this. Every slap or punch shows me you won’t stop, you don’t care if I’m hurt, you don’t care if I’m bruised. I will not win this.

For just a few seconds, your fists stop falling on me. Thinking if you saw my pleading eyes you would feel sorry for me, you would stop, I turn and look up at you. You run your thumb down the side of my cheek before I feel the back of your hand land violently on my face. The taste of warm copper starts to fill my mouth and I realise that my lip is bleeding. The taste is overwhelming and I can’t process what’s happened. You’ve made me bleed. Fuck. I want more. I want you to taste me, taste what you did.

I feel in a daze, no one has ever made me bleed before. I think I asked you to “please, taste me” because I almost screamed when you bit my lip. Hard. Your expression was dark and almost primal, I felt like your prey.


You kiss me softly, the first moment of tenderness since you arrived, and it brings me back to the present.

“Now, back to before. You can do better than that” – your voice is the opposite of mine, firm, taunting, as you lean back and gesture me to try again. I was hoping you had forgotten.

My arms feel weak as I try to lift myself up slightly. My arms and legs are aching now, sore from defending myself from you. I can’t stop touching my lip my tongue.

You’re watching me again. Waiting. The smell of whisky back in the air.

I spread my legs apart and start moving. I hate myself at this moment. I hate that I made such a fuss. I hate that this is hard for me. I hate how much I want you to hurt me. I hate that I’m doing this. Most of all… I hate how turned on I am. I hate that I enjoy feeling this way. Too ashamed to admit I enjoy degrading myself for you… desperate for more.

There are no tears, but I sob to myself as I shake my arse and cunt for your amusement as you sit back and watch me break.



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She seemed…

“She seemed to be inside something, inside herself, as if all that beauty had been made in her as this big hall full of chandeliers and marble fireplaces—beautiful but empty.

Like she’d been dropped down in the middle of it and had spent too many years wandering around in it, her footsteps just echoing inside herself, wondering if anyone else was there, wondering how she’d got there, telling herself that if she had to be alone in there, at least she had interesting things to look at.

Only she didn’t want to be alone in there, and since she was never going to find her way out, someone would have to find his way in.

I knew all of that, and it took about ten seconds to figure it out. And it took another ten to figure out that I wanted to be the one to push open those heavy doors and wander those empty halls calling her name until I found her. But how do you do that when you aren’t really in a great hall but only a bookstore, and you don’t even know her name…?”

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You did this to me..

I’m so tired. Exhausted. I feel like I could sleep for days. The only thing keeping me awake is the fact im filled with adrenaline, im on a total high. But my mind is exhausted, drained. You did this to me.

My mind is all over the place, thinking a million thoughts at once. I keep re-playing the scene over & over in my head. I analyse every part of it, wondering if I did the best I could. You did this to me.

My chest still hurts from where I couldn’t breathe. I struggled at times, couldnt catch my breathe. It hurt, Every now & then I wheeze & it reminds me. You did this to me.

My arms hurt. You made me keep them over my head for so long. My back is aching. Muscles I never knew I had hurt. You did this to me.

The bruises on my legs are starting to show.. Purple, blotchy things over my knees & thighs from where you made me drop to the ground over & over again. You did this to me.

I was soaking wet. Covered in sweat, hair everywhere, make up smudged & ruined. What a mess you turned me into. You did that to me.

My feet are throbbing from those shoes you told me to wear. Even after a long bath, they still ache. You did this to me.

I keep thinking how embarrassed I felt when I couldn’t do the things you asked at first, you’ve been working so hard with me. I managed to do them eventually, although I was almost in tears after I did. You did that to me.

All of this, you did it. But I’ll come back to you time & time again.. I can’t stay away from you.

You did this to me. And I love it.


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